ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts

What Are ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts?

ASTM A194 Gr 8T hex nuts are high-strength steel fasteners that are designed to be used in applications where strength and durability are essential. These nuts have been designed to meet certain standards for strength and performance set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The grade number indicates the strength of the nut; in this case, the grade 8 indicates that they have a minimum tensile strength of 150 ksi. This makes them ideal for use in heavy-duty applications such as construction or industrial processes.

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These ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts can be used in a variety of applications ranging from construction projects to industrial process equipment. They can be used to secure bolts and other hardware into place, as well as being used in conjunction with other fasteners such as washers or gaskets. They can also be used to affix two pieces of material together securely and prevent them from coming apart even under extreme pressure or vibration.







The main benefit of using these nuts is their superior strength which allows them to withstand high levels of pressure without breaking or becoming damaged over time. Additionally, ASTM a194 Grade 8T Heavy Hex Nuts are highly resistant to corrosion thanks to their zinc plating, so they will last longer than other types of fasteners in harsher environments. Because these nuts come in many different sizes, you can easily find one that fits your specific application needs perfectly without having to buy an entire set just for one size nut. There are several products available like ASTM A194 GR.8T Fasteners , ASTM A193 B8 CL2 Fasteners etc

Types of ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts

These nuts come in several different sizes ranging from 1/4" up to 1 1/2" and larger depending on your needs. They also come with either coarse or fine threads, depending on what type of application you need them for. Additionally, these ASTM A194 Grade 8T Specification nuts come with either a plain finish or zinc plating for added protection against corrosion or rusting over time. 

What are ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts?

ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts are high-temperature, high-pressure nuts made from a grade of stainless steel known as Grade 8T. These hex nuts are designed to offer excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, & durability in high-temperature & high-pressure applications.

What is the temperature range for ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts?

ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C) without losing strength or corrosion resistance. A194 Gr 8T hex nuts are also suitable for use in low-temperature environments & resist thermal shock.

What are the applications of ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts?

ASTM A194 Gr 8T Hex Nuts are widely used in applications that require high temperatures & pressure resistance, such as in power generation, chemical processing, & petrochemical industries. A194 Gr 8T hex nuts are also used in high-pressure valves, heat exchangers, & other critical applications.

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ASTM A194 GR.8T Hex Nuts Specification


ASTM A194 GR.8T Hex Nut






M 02 to M 160

3 mm to 200 mm

ASTM A194 GR.8T Hex Nuts Chemical Composition

Element ASTM A194 GR.8T
Carbon 0.80%
Manganese 2.00%
Phosphorus, max 0.045%
Sulfur, max 0.30%
Silicon 1.00%
Chromium 1.00%
Nickel 17.0-19.0%
Molybdenum 9.0-12.0%/td>

ASTM A194 GR.8T Hex Nut Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength/Ultimate Tensile Stress (UTS) – (Mpa) 550
Yield Strength/Proof Stress(0.2% Offset) (YS) – (Mpa) 240
Elongation in 4D (El) 30
Reduction 40
Hardness – (BHN) 223

ASTM A194 Gr 8T Fasteners Price

  •  ASTM A194 Grade 8T Socket Head Cap Screw
    Price $5.59–$258.50
  • ASTM A194 Grade 8T Plow Bolt, Plain, 5/8-11×2, Gr 5, PK25
    Price $30.65 / pkg. of 25
  • ASTM A194 Grade 8T Structural Bolt, 1/2-13×1 1/2L, PK25
    Price $13.21 / pkg. of 25
  •  ASTM A194 Grade 8T U bolts, with 5/16 Thread, Zinc Finish
    Price $3.71–$7.25
  • ASTM A194 Grade 8T Hex Nut, SS, Gr SS304,3/8-16, Plain, PK50
    Price $12.13 / pkg. of 50
  • ASTM A194 Grade 8T Hex Lag Screw, 3/8×2 1/2 In L, PK50
    Price $19.79 / pkg. of 50
  • ASTM A194 Grade 8T Flat Washer
    Price $0.09–$5.97

ASTM A194 GR.8T Nuts Chemical Composition

Grade Material UNS
C, % Mn, % Ph, % S, % Si, % Cr, % Ni, % Ti, % N, %
8T Type 321 S32100 0.080 2.000 0.045 0.030 1.000 17.0-19.0 9.0-12.0 5 x (C+N),Min – 0.70 max 0.100

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