Hastelloy C22 Washers

What Are Hastelloy C22 Washers?

Hastelloy C22 Washers are a form of fastener made from an alloy of Nickel (Ni), Chromium (Cr) and Molybdenum (Mo). This combination makes the washer highly resistant to corrosion and oxidation. The alloy is also known for its strength and excellent resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking.

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Hastelloy C22 Flat Washers can be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to joining pipes together, connecting flanges, sealing gaskets or protecting electrical wiring from damage due to vibration or shock. Hastelloy C22 Punched Washers can also be used in high temperature applications thanks to their superior heat resistance. As such, C22 Hastelloy Washers are an ideal choice for use in chemical processing plants where temperatures can reach up to 600°F (315°C). Several types of Hastelloy C22 Fasteners are available like Hastelloy C22 Nuts, Hastelloy C22 Bolts, etc.

Hastelloy Alloy C22 FLAT WASHER


Hastelloy Alloy C22 PUNCHED WASHER


Hastelloy Alloy C22 MACHINED WASHER


The primary benefit of using Hastelloy C22 Machined Washers over traditional carbon steel is their superior corrosion resistance meaning they will last longer than conventional fasteners even under high temperatures and aggressive environments such as those found in chemical processing plants or oil refineries. Furthermore, Hastelloy C22 Spring Washers offer excellent strength-to-weight ratio making them ideal for weight sensitive applications such as aerospace components or medical equipment where light weight is essential for safe operation. We also manufacture other products such as Alloy 20 Washers, Titanium Grade 2 Washers, etc.

Types of Hastelloy C22 Washers

A Standard Flat Washer and a Lock Washer are the two main types of Hastelloy C22 Round Washers available on the market today. Flat washers are designed for general purpose applications while lock washers provide more secure fastening solutions as they offer more resistance against loosening due to vibration or shock. Other types include wave spring washers which provide superior load distribution capabilities as well as Belleville disc springs which offer superior fatigue life when compared to standard flat or lock washers.

What are Hastelloy C22 Washers?

Hastelloy C22 washers are high-performance washers made from Hastelloy C22, a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with exceptional resistance to corrosion and pitting. These washers are commonly used in applications where extreme resistance to harsh chemical environments is required.

What are the advantages of Hastelloy C22 Washers?

Hastelloy C22 Washers offer several advantages, including excellent corrosion resistance in both oxidizing and reducing environments, high resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking. They also offer excellent thermal stability and resistance to high-temperature environments.

What applications are Hastelloy C22 washers used in?

Hastelloy C22 washers are commonly used in applications where extreme resistance to corrosion and pitting is required, such as in chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries. They are also used in high-temperature environments, such as gas turbines and power generation facilities.

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Hastelloy Alloy C22 Washers Specification


Hastelloy Alloy C22






3 mm
200 mm

M02 to M33

Alloy C22 Washer Chemical Composition

Content (%)
2.5% max

C22 Alloy Washers Mechanical Properties

Approx. tensile strength
Approx. operating temperature
800 - 1100
116 - 159
-200 to +400
-330 to +750
Spring Temper
1400 - 1700
203 - 247
-200 to +400
-330 to +750

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Washer Physical Properties

1351 – 1387
2464 – 2529

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Washers Grade Designation

NW 6022

Types Of Hastelloy C22 Washers

Hastelloy C22 Round Washer

Hastelloy C22 Round Washer

Hastelloy C22 Square Washer

Hastelloy C22 Square Washer

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Lock Washer

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Lock Washer

Hastelloy C22 Spherical Washer

Hastelloy C22 Spherical Washer

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Tab Washers

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Tab Washers

Hastelloy C22 Fender Washer

Hastelloy C22 Fender Washer

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Ogee Washer

Hastelloy Alloy C22 Ogee Washer

C22 Alloy Dome Tooth Washer

C22 Alloy Dome Tooth Washer

Alloy C22 Countersunk Washer

Alloy C22 Countersunk Washer

Hastelloy C22 Fasteners Price

  • Alloy C22 Steel Fastener Hastelloy C22 Hex Bolt
    10 Pieces (Min. Order)
  • Excellent weldability hastelloy c22 N06022 screws
    100 Units (Min. Order)
  • Hastelloy C22 Hex Nut M8 M10 M12 M16 M20
    US $1-100 / Piece
  • Hastelloy C22 N06022 stud bolt
    US $4-10 / Piece
  • Hastelloy C22 Flat Washer, Plain Washer
    US $01-100 / Piece

Other Types Of Hastelloy Alloy C22 Washer

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Hastelloy C22 spring washer Hastelloy Alloy C22 lock washer
Hastelloy C22 spherical washer Exporter Hastelloy C22 Tab Washers Stockist
DIN 2.4602 Fender Washer Manufacturer Hastelloy Alloy Customized Washer
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Dock Washer Hastelloy C22 Square Washer Exporter
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Hexagonal Washer Supplier Hastelloy C22 Split /Lock Washer Distributor
Hastelloy C22 Hex Washers Supplier Hastelloy C22 Ogee Washer
Hastelloy Alloy Tooth Lock Washer Hastelloy Alloy Countersunk Washer Manufacturer
Alloy C22 Dome Tooth Washer C22 Alloy Dome Washer
Hastelloy Alloy C22 Spring Washers Hastelloy C22 Plain / Flat Washer
Hastelloy Alloy flat washer Hastelloy Alloy punched washer
Hastelloy C22 machined washer ISO Certified Hastelloy C22 round washer


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