Everything You Need to Know About Inconel Fasteners

What precisely is Inconel?

Inconel is an extremely corrosion-resistant nickel-aluminum alloy. Power plants, for instance, and other applications where materials are prone to erosion use it periodically. The aviation, maritime, and industrial sectors use these corrosion-resistant fasteners for long-term use.

As a result, Inconel fasteners can be used in a variety of conditions, such as those with high levels of chlorides, sodium thiosulfates, or calcium phosphates. Grades such as INCONEL 625, NIMONIC 90, and INOLOY 800H are commonly encountered.

Advantages Of Inconel Fasteners:

One of the outstanding properties of Inconel Fasteners is their exceptional resistance to oxidation and corrosion. These fittings develop a passivating oxide layer due to the high chromium concentration in Inconel alloy.

In situations where equipment will be subjected to intense heat or pressure, Inconel alloy fasteners are ideal since their corrosion resistance is exceptional.

Types of Inconel Fasteners:

  1. Bolts: The nut and bolt of a bolted joint form a fastened junction. Inconel bolts are usually used for this. Whenever a bolt is used to tighten the grip between a flange or similar component, a nut is utilized. An unthreaded component is usually connected to an unthreaded component through a bolt and nut.
  2. Washers: An Inconel washer has a hole in the middle and is shaped like a disk. Fasteners called washers have a hole in the middle. They are inserted into the hole in the washer’s center to hold the threaded fasteners. As bolts and nuts are threaded, washers assist in dispersing their weight.
  3. Screws: It’s hard to imagine a latch that could be as versatile as Inconel screws. However, unlike bolts, their strung bars have substantial grasping power even though they are not fixed in any way. The drill is frequently used to create a pilot hole in a material, followed by a screwdriver to tighten it into place. Fasteners come in several varying sizes and designs.
  4. Nuts: Nuts made of Inconel are fasteners with a hole, the hole on the nut is always threaded; nut and bolt are often used together. Nuts are always needed to tighten bolts paired together.
  5. Threaded rods: As a means of connecting items with nuts or screws, threaded rods are common in industrial settings. Besides medical equipment and building construction projects requiring tough materials such as steel or concrete, they can also be found in the construction industry.

Everything You Need to Know About Inconel Fasteners

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