ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners

What is ASTM A193 B8T Fastener?

ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners are a type of stainless steel alloy that offers increased strength and durability compared to other stainless steel alloys. These fasteners are ideal for applications where high temperature and/or corrosive environments necessitate the use of stronger materials than those commonly used in standard construction projects. 

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ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners have a wide range of uses due to their strength and durability. These types of fasteners can be found in bridges, offshore platforms, power plants, industrial machinery, chemical plants and marine vessels. In addition, these fasteners can also be found in commercial buildings such as shopping malls, airports and office buildings. We offer various kinds of products like ASTM A194 GR 6 Fasteners, ASTM A194 GR.6 SS Fasteners, etc.







Types of ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners

There are several different types of B8T Fasteners available on the market today. These include bolts, nuts, screws and washers which can be used for a variety of applications. Each type has unique features such as corrosion resistance or high temperature tolerance which make them well suited for certain tasks over others. For example, screws may be better suited for joining two pieces together while nuts may be preferred for attaching components to structural beams or walls due to their increased strength.

Using ASTM A193 B8T fasteners can provide many benefits when compared to other types of fasteners on the market today. These include increased strength and durability even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures or corrosive environments like saltwater or acidic soil. Additionally, these types of fasteners are highly resistant to fatigue failure thereby increasing their longevity even under extreme loading conditions which makes them ideal for use in marine vessels or offshore structures where components must withstand constant vibrations from movement at sea. Finally, these types of fasteners can also reduce costs associated with maintenance as they require less frequent replacement due to their superior performance compared to other materials.

What are ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners?

ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners are high-temperature, high-pressure fasteners made from a grade of stainless steel known as Grade B8T. A193 B8T fasteners are designed to offer excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, & durability in high-temperature & high-pressure applications.

What are the benefits of using ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners?

The benefits of using ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners include excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, & durability in high-temperature & high-pressure environments. A193 B8T fasteners are also highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking & have excellent creep resistance, making them ideal for use in extreme environments.

What is the temperature range for ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners?

ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C) without losing their strength or corrosion resistance. A193 B8T fasteners are also suitable for use in low-temperature environments & are resistant to thermal shock.

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ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners Specification


ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners






M 02 to M 160

3 mm to 200 mm

ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners Chemical Composition

Element B7 B8 B8M
Carbon 0.37 - 0.49% 0.08% max 0.08% max
Manganese 0.65 - 1.10% 2.00% max 2.00% max
Phosphorus, max 0.035% 0.045% 0.045%
Sulfur, max 0.040% 0.030% 0.030%
Silicon 0.15 - 0.35% 1.00% max 1.00% max
Chromium 0.75 - 1.20% 18.0 - 20.0% 16.0 - 18.0%
Nickel 8.0 - 11.0% 10.0 - 14.0%
Molybdenum 0.15 - 0.25% 2.00 - 3.00%

ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners Mechanical Properties

Grade Size Tensile ksi, min Yield, ksi, min Elong, %, min RA % min
B7 Up to 2-1/2 125 105 16 50
2-5/8 - 4 115 95 16 50
4-1/8 - 7 100 75 18 50
B8 Class 1 All 75 30 30 50
B8M Class 1 All 75 30 30 50
B8 Class 2 Up to 3/4 125 100 12 35
7/8 - 1 115 80 15 35
1-1/8 - 1-1/4 105 65 20 35
1-3/8 - 1-1/2 100 50 28 45
B8M Class 2 Up to 3/4 110 95 15 45
7/8 - 1 100 80 20 45
1-1/8 - 1-1/4 95 65 25 45
1-3/8 - 1-1/2 90 50 30 45

ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners Price

  •  ASTM A193 Grade B8T Socket Head Cap Screw
    Price $5.59–$258.50
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8T Plow Bolt, Plain, 5/8-11×2, Gr 5, PK25
    Price $30.65 / pkg. of 25
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8T Structural Bolt, 1/2-13×1 1/2L, PK25
    Price $13.21 / pkg. of 25
  •  ASTM A193 Grade B8T U bolts, with 5/16 Thread, Zinc Finish
    Price $3.71–$7.25
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8T Hex Nut, SS, Gr SS304,3/8-16, Plain, PK50
    Price $12.13 / pkg. of 50
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8T Hex Lag Screw, 3/8×2 1/2 In L, PK50
    Price $19.79 / pkg. of 50
  • ASTM A193 Grade B8T Flat Washer
    Price $0.09–$5.97

Other Types Of ASTM A193 B8T Fasteners

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ASTM A193 Double Ended Stud Grade B8T Tie Bar Exporter
ASTM A193 B8T Square Bolts Supplier Grade B8T Punched Washer Distributor
ASTM A193 Grade B8T Lock Nut Supplier B8T Coupler Nuts
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